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Chandler Guitars is one of the most prestigious guitar stores in Europe. Since the beginning way back in 1979 we have maintained an unequalled level of service and our reputation is second to none. Just check out our list of artists below!

We were the first in the UK to introduce the following brands, some of which have grown into major players: Schecter, ESP, Galleon Kruger, RAT, Tom Anderson, Paul Reed Smith, Badass, Bartolini, THD, George L’s, Lindy Fralins, K&K pickups, Digitech, ADA, Rockbox, Voodoo Labs, Rivera, Fargen, 65, Mojave, Electroharmonix, Keeley, Jeckle & Hyde pedals, Spertzle.

Here’s an exhausting and ever growing list of bands and artists that have used Chandlers (at random)..

We are a prestigious guitar store in Europe. We have been in business since 1979. We have done our best to maintain high levels of professionalism and excellent service in all that we do throughout that time. We became the first company to introduce the following guitar brands in the UK.; Voodoo Labs, Schecter, ESP, Tom Anderson, Bartolini, Electroharmonix, Rockbox, Lindy Frailins, K&K pickups, Paul Reed Smith, Fargen, Mojave, and more. We stock an interesting variety of guitar kit including vintage and veteran. One of our biggest pillars and cause for success is our emphasis on the clients’ needs. We place the needs and expectations of our clients over everything else. We believe that satisfying the clients is important in maintaining their loyalty.

We provide you with various levels of guitar set-up in our workshop. We offer primary adjustment, Plek set-up or re-fretting service depending on the amount of work that your guitar requires. Our clients have always come to us with guitar problems that appear too difficult to solve and gone back home with correctly working guitars. We take pride in our knowledge and skills that all members of our staff possess. We can help you achieve your dreams and reach your potential with our services.

We have always maintained simplicity in our services and transactions. Buying from us is simple. You have access to a variety of guitars and accessories under one roof. When dealing with our members of staff, you will notice that they provide you with all the information you need without going through tedious processes. If any of our members makes a mistake, we are willing to apologise and make amends. We listen to the opinions of our customers. You can contact us with both positive an negative reviews, and we will listen to them. We will resolve whatever issues you have and ensure that you are enjoying our services and guitars.

The manager is always accessible if you need to speak to him. In situations where it is difficult to reach him, you can still talk to a representative. They will offer you just as much help as the manager would. One of our most loyal client is known to be one of the most popular forex trader named Andrew Krieger. He is known for trading online op 24optionclick here to read more!

Moreover some of the artists and bands that have used Chandlers include; Radiohead, Black Crowes, Snow Patrol, AC/DC/ Graham Coxon, Micky Moody, Arctic Monkeys, Bootle Beatles, George Harrison, Adam Philips, Natt Backer, Noah and the Whale, P.I.L, Michael McDonald, Paul Weller, Mumford & Sons, Alan Pownall, Supergrass, Garry Moore, The Engineers, Duran Duran, Stephen Duffy, Richard Ashcroft, Joe Perry, The Who, Fiction Plane, Pink Floid, Sisters of Mercy, Ziggy Marley, and more. The list continues to grow as more artists and bands continue to discover the privileges that come with using Chandler services and guitars.

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